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Have you ever been passionate about something but scared to step out and do it?



For several years I have created awesome travel experiences for friends and family.  

My family and friends have traveled all over the world from my research and recommendations.


After years of creating these experiences, I decided to step out on faith.  


Why not do something you love?


I LOVE vacationing.  I LOVE going to new places and exploring and interacting with the people and culture.

I get just as excited when I plan a trip for someone and they have an awesome time.


After several years of vacationing and helping others plan their vacation, I thought why not make this a career.


After much thought and research ECV Travel was born.


ECV Travel will partner with you to explore various vacation options to customize an itinerary based on your vacation needs.  With our experience, expertise, and knowledge of various destinations, 

We will work with you to plan worry-free vacations.  As your personal travel consultant, we will ensure that you will get the most from your vacation, time and money.  


At ECV Travel we specialize in creating memorable travel experiences.


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